Amphitrite – Goddess of the Sea

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Amphitrite (Am-phi-tri-te) – She was the Goddess of the Sea and wife or consort to the God Poseidon. She was the daugter of Nereus and Doris making her a Nereid.

One day while dancing with her sisters Poseidon sees her and decides he has to marry her. She says no and flees to the ends of the Earth to hide in the Ocean stream near Atlas.

Poseidon convinced the dolphin-god, Delphin to track her down and persued her to return to wed the sea-king. It is unclear why but she agrees and follows Delphin back to marry Poseidon.

Done 1They had three children together, they were Triton, Rhode, and Kymopoleia.  She also gave birth to other children, such as seals and dolphins.

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Triton became his father’s heir and herald, and was responsible for clearing the way for Poseidon when he was on the move. Rhode was a sea nymph who later became the patron goddess of an island that was named after her, and was married to Helios, the Titan of the Sun. However, Kymopoleia was neither as beloved nor as appreciated as her siblings were by their parents. In fact in some cases she is not even mentioned as one of their children. Kymopoleia was the goddess of violent seas storms, and was later married to the god Hekatonkheire Briares.

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In the beginning she was considered an important deity. It was said that she was at the birth of Apollo. However, near the end she was considered just a representation of the sea and not having an actual form.

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