Achelois – Moon Goddess

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Achelois (AA-h-eh-I-aw-EE-s) – A minor goddess of the moon. She was frequently the recipient of sacrifices ordered by the Dodonian Oracle. Her name translated into English means “She who takes away pain”. The Oracle would have people send sacrifices to her so they could be relived of their ailments.

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Some accounts refer to her as the Goddess of Healing. She is also known as one of the seven muses and daughters of Pierus. Because she is a minor goddess, there is not much written about her. However, it is said that she was loved by everyone because of her kind nature.

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Her siblings are Aegle, Hygeia, Panakeia, and Iaso (Asclepius and Epione) or Neilo, Triton, Asopo, Heptapora, Tipoplo and Rhodia (Pierus). Being related to Hygeia and Asclepius is tells her that she indeed is a goddess of healing because the family of Asclepius was once venerated as a mini-pantheon of healing. Epidarus is believed to be the cult centre of Goddess in ancient times.

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Achelios can be petitioned was you are suffering from stress due to hectic life styles and want to heal yourself with divine intervention. She can also be petitioned by those who work in the medical or pharmaceutical industry.

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