Brizo – A Prophet Goddess and Protector of Mariner, Sailors, and Fishermen

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Brizo (Briy-Zow) – She was known as the protector of mariners, sailors, and fishermen. She was worshiped primarily by the women of Delos, who set out food offerings in small boats. Brizo was also known as a prophet specializing in the interpretation of dreams

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She was sent dreams and she would reveal their meaning to man. Her name is connected with brizein, “to fall asleep”.

Done 2The sacrifices offered to her consisted of many things but fish were never offered to her. Prayers were addressed to her that she might grant everything that was good, but especially, that she might protect ships.  It is interesting that she was the protector of fisherMEN because men did not worship her.

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She dwelt in any ocean Greece had to offer, and could breathe underwater. She was not a mermaid or siren, but she was spotted long ago by some nearby mortal fishers, and they mistook her for a monster because of her scaly legs and body.

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