Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos – The Three Fates

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Clotho- (Kloh-Thoh) – She is part for the three fates or Moirai. She was responsible for spinning the thread of human life. She also made major decisions, such as when a person was born, thus in effect controlling people’s lives. This power enabled her not only to choose who was born, but also decide when gods or mortals were to be saved or put to death. For example, Clotho brought Pelops back to life when his father boiled and killed him.

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As one of the three fates her impact on Greek mythology was significant. Clotho, along with her sisters and Hermes, were given credit for creating the alphabet for their people. Even though Clotho and her sisters were worshiped as goddesses, their representation of fate is more central to their role in mythology. Thread represented human life and her decisions represented the fate of all people in society.

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Lachesis (Lach-uh-sis) – She was the second of the Three Fates, or Moirai. Normally seen clothed in white, Lachesis is the one who measured the thread spun on Clotho’s spindle, and in some texts, determines destiny. Lachesis was the apportioner, deciding how much time for life was to be allowed for each person or being. She measured the thread of life with her rod. She is also said to choose a person’s destiny after a thread was measured. In mythology, it is said that she appears with her sisters within three days of a baby’s birth to decide it’s fate.

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Atropos (A-Truh-Pos) – She was the last of the three fates or Moirai. She was the oldest of the Three Fates, and was known as the “inflexible” or “inevitable”. It was Atropos who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of mortals by cutting their thread with her “abhorred shears.”

Their origins are uncertain, although some called them the daughters of night. It is clear, however, that at a certain period they ceased to be only concerned with death and also became those powers who decided what may happen to individuals. Although Zeus was the chief god and their father, he was still subject to the decisions of the Fates, and thus the executor of destiny, rather than its source. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Atropos and her sisters were the daughters of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night), though later in the same work they are said to have been born of Zeus and Themis.Done 1

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