All About Me

Hi!  Thank you for stopping by my page.  I guess you are here to find out more about me and my blog, huh?  Well, I am not very good at talking about myself but here goes nothing!
My name is Kristen and I am an aspiring makeup artist.  I created Inspired by the Gods as a digital portfolio for me to share my passion for makeup and beauty. I have loved makeup my whole life but would never admit it.  As a child I was kind of afraid to be a “girly girl”.  I was more of a closet makeup artist if you will.

After some encouragement and persuasion from family a few years ago, I decided to embrace the goddess inside of me and thus started my career as a makeup artist!

I’ve done makeup for friends and family and I loved it so much I came up with the idea to share my “looks” with the world.  I have been inspired by so many makeup artists but never felt good enough to compete.  But recently, a friend of mine told me: “There is a goddess in each of us.” and that has inspired me to create Inspired by the Gods to showcase my ideas without the competition.

I hope what you see here inspires all of you to follow your dreams and to try new things! If you want to know anything else or have any comments please don’t hesitate to contact me directly: